Product Features & Specifications


Whether you are looking to outfit a physical therapy facility, conduct cardiac rehab or need specialty rehab equipment, Spirit Fitness’s total body steppers have been meticulously engineered to enhance patient outcomes. The MS300 and MS350 offer a total-body conditioning with no joint impact. Quadrilateral exercise allows patients to distribute effort among all four limbs or compensate for less involved limbs.




If your patients are wheelchair bound, have neurological challenges, or are building up back to health, these steppers feature:

• Natural, linear 1:1 leg to arm movement pattern

• Symmetry program to measure differences in bi-lateral power

• Self-adjusting step range up to 12.5 inches

• Comfortable, pivoting seats for easy ingress/egress and multiple adjustments

• Padded pedals with stabilization straps

• Adjustable, articulating handles for smooth range of motion

• Simple-to-use, consoles

• Heart rate monitoring via pulse grips and telemetry






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