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MU100 and MR100 Cycles

MU100 and MR100

Upright and Recumbent Bikes Ergometers
The symmetry program on both the MU100 and the MR100 monitors, measures, and displays power around the pedal rotation. It provides both graphical and numeric biofeedback to encourage patients/clients to maintain equal power between right and left leg, thereby achieving a more balanced and symmetrical pedal stroke.
Spirit Medical MS300


Semi-Recumbent Stepper
The MS300 Semi-Recumbent Stepper's symmetry program monitors, measures, and displays power throughout the pedal/arm stroke and provides biofeedback to motivate patients to maintain power between the right and left side efforts. The stepper's symmetry program aids the user in achieving a more balanced exercise stroke, especially for patients with bi-lateral deficiencies, such as stroke and post-op knee patients.
Further, by engaging the exercise with either just the lower limb/footplate performance or the upper body arms only, it will provide similar feedback for performance in those isolated movements.
Spirit Medical MT200 Treadmill


The MT200 features sensors that measures gait length. Its symmetry program provides gait information in numeric and bio-feedback graphs format. The program monitors and measures the user's Cadence, Left and Right Step Length, and displays the numeric feedback in a message window along with the Symmetry Index. Cadence biofeedback, in particular, is beneficial for clinicians assist patience to achieve faster turnover.
The program will end either when the exercise set-time reaches zero or by pressing the Stop twice. A full summary of performance will be shown in the message window.
Spirit Fitness Fitness Bikes

Bilateral Symmetry

Evenly balanced standing, walking or running shows that the body is healthy and efficiently at work. The more symmetrical the left and right sides of the body are, the faster, stronger, and more consistent your musculature performance will be. It is observable that symmetry is important for endurance and performance, from the elite athlete to the chronic or acute patients; and from sports specific performance to activities-of-daily-living (ADL). Clinicians should encourage symmetry of strength and performance in order to minimize the requirement for compensatory strategies in their patients or clients. It is with this goal in mind that we developed the Symmetry Program offered across the Spirit Medical Systems Group product line. When pedalling efforts are uneven between the two legs, users will be given immediate feedback that shows the extent of user's asymmetrical movement. This program aims to resolve limb deficiencies and walking gait by encouraging users through biofeedback and enables clinicians to minimize the requirement for compensatory strategies in their patient or client care.